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PREDICT-EPIMAD : an easy tool to predict complicated pediatric-onset Crohn’s disease at 5 years

Identification of patients at high risk of disabling disease course would be invaluable to guide initial therapy in Crohn’s disease (CD). Clinical parameters at diagnosis are insufficient to predict a disabling course of CD. We proposed a combination of clinical, serological and genetic factors to predict complicated disease course in paediatric-onset CD.

Patient prediction : PREDICT-EPIMAD classifies patients as "high-risk" or "low-risk" of complicated behavior (from inflammatory (B1) to stricturing (B2) or penetrating (B3) disease) or intestinal resection at 5 years following diagnosis in patients with a purely inflammatory behavior (B1) at diagnosis. Of note, this score was internally validates but external validation is still needed to confirm the predictive capacities of the score, so caution is necessary when using the results of the score.